Biosketch: Andy Reed E

After becoming Head of Mathematics in a Comprehensive school in England in 1981, Andy Reed became very involved in developing Investigative, Intuitive Learning on a Concrete Basis. He created new concrete environments and supported his department with teacher handbooks containing suitable activities.

After ten years of development, about 80% of lesson time for the first three secondary years involved this approach to learning, wherein printed material such as textbooks and printed sheets had no or very little use.

The nationally set G.C.S.E. examinations (England) for 16 year olds produced 61% with a grade A, B or C (the top three grades) when the national average was 35%.

In Germany he has continued to develop Investigative, Intuitive Learning on a Concrete Basis – as Middle school teacher for almost all subjects and as Junior School Head teacher. He was active as In-service Teacher Trainer from 2004 until his retirement.

Andy Reed was also active as speaker, entertainer, singer, musician, caller, technical translator and marketing copy-writer.



2001 Singing Songs and Dancing
Teacher Handbook

2003 Fun 1 Singing Picture Story Book
with CD

2003 Fun 1 Reading Book

2004 Absolutely English Dancing
Teacher Handbook with Dance-CD
(English & German)

2007 Absolutely English
ComprehensiveToolkit – Teacher Handbook

2007 Fun 2 Singing Picture Story Book with CD

2010 Absolutely Mathematics Teacher
Handbook A (English & German versions)

2012 Absolutely Mathematics Teacher
Handbook – Probability Plus

2012 Absolutely Mathematics Teacher
Handbook B (English & German versions)

2012 Investigative, Intuitive Learning in Africa (not published)


2007 Absolutely English an innovative solution;
in FFF Ausgewählte Tagungsbeiträge                
Nürnberg 2007 Hrsg. Böttger

2011 „Blanket English: Learning everything
and anything“ easily eclipses
conventional goal orientated learning progress;
in FFF Ausgewählte Tagungsbeiträge
Eichstatt 2011 Hrsg. Böttger


2011 Handelndes, Intuitives Lernen auf 3D Basis in MNU Primar (Journal Heft 4)