References: In-service training E

Andy has given over 400 sessions covering:

Mathematics, English, Second Language, Dance, Co-operative Games

at Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary, Adult levels.

Journey of Discovery Mathematics, Dance, Co-operative Games

…it is important to emphasise (Reed’s) excellent commitment und reliability concerning the planning of in-service training. His workshops arouse a lot of interest. His delight and joy in his profession and workshop leadership easily infects course members and repeat workshops are frequently requested. This demonstrates quality! Such workshop presenters who impress with content knowledge, structural ability and social skills are rare.

H. Buchweitz, Göttingen Advisory Team, Project Bridging the Gap (Nursery, School) Lower Saxony, 2010

English: On a Journey of Discovery – Primary

…As a result of my positive experience with Mr. Reed (as explained above), the very successful joint courses incorporating a lasting effect, and not least the very positive feedback from participants I can thoroughly recommend a co-operation with him.

Iris Hartlapp, Departmental Head, In-Service Training, LISA, Sachsen-Anhalt, 2008

…it was all about active English lessons. That’s what I liked. Such a relevant and motivating in-service training…

Christina Michel, Wunstorf, 2012

Our English teacher was absolutely enthralled by the English Workshop from Mr. Reed.

R. Otten, Headteacher, Sevelten Primary School, 2008

English – Secondary

I would really like to transmit this fun; I’ve been given strength to do more singing and games in lessons; talking, talking, talking, doing, doing, doing, speaking, speaking, speaking; plenty of useful ideas; friendly atmosphere; inspiring, Andy’s great; there is a great need for this type of in-service training; very relevant to school-practice; good ideas

Participants, collected by Ottersberg Regional In-service Training Centre, 2006

Dance – Primary

The joy of dance, fun; you can achieve a lot with very little; it was a super workshop; excellent; incredibly good!

Participants, collected by Lamstedt Regional In-service Training Centre, 2007

Very entertaining and well explained; extremely well prepared…very motivating; that’s what in-service training should be like; lively, lots of information, joyful atmosphere, very practice-based; the dances are very suitable for children and ideal for the start of dancing in the primary school; super; lots of reference to school practice and plenty of tips

Participants, collected by Ottersberg Regional In-service Training Centre, 2005

Journey of Discovery Mathematics – Nursery, Primary, Secondary

At the end of (Reed’s SINUS-Project) Workshops in Halle a primary school headteacher said to me, “It’s a pity that nobody showed this approach to me 30 years ago. I would have taught Mathematics quite differently and my pupils would have experienced success much faster and much easier.” …In visiting many Primary Schools I am very frequently informed of the intention to adopt the approach Andy Reed showed (at the Primary Head Teachers’ conference) – a Journey of Discovery in the World of Mathematics for all pupils.

Andrea Peter-Wehner, Sachsen-Anhalt State Co-ordinator, SINUS in Primary Schools (EU-sponsored) State Institute for School Quality and Teacher Training, 2012

Learning by doing; grasping understanding; lots of fun, experimentation instead of studying; joyful anticipation for the next maths lesson; experiencing success; small amount of material with many uses; alternative to dusty books; from hands-on to abstract; differentiation in learning

Participants at a Mathematics conference for Nursery und Primary School staff, Holzminden, Germany, 2010.

…super in-service training…My colleagues are even more enthusiastic than before.

Silke Sielmon, Headteacher, Goethe Bernburg Primary School, 2012

Many thanks for the excellent in-service training. Our team was and is thrilled over this informative and pleasing workshop. We will be going on a journey of discovery. That’s definitely decided and we will fondly remember Reed and his wonderful approach in his presentation.

Frau A. Lenkeit, Schuleiterin, Astrid Lindgren GS, Stendal, 2012

I am motivated to go on a journey of discovery. The idea that the child is the “doer” and not I, the therapist, is very appealing to me…The children are also enthusiastic about the marbles and experiment a lot thereby gathering mathematical experience. The parents are also surprised how concentrated their children work with the materials and approach.

Frau Schmied-Jäckering, Ergo-Therapist, Lingen, 2010

The excellent relationship to school practice; new ideas and examples for use; great excitement and motivation; extremely relevant to school practice; new ideas, natural differentiation; the time flew by because of the many practical activities

Participants, collected by Lüneburg Regional In-service Training Centre, 2011

I immediately used the marbles from Reed in my lessons. And my pupils laid and solved the multiples of 2 enthusiastically.

Heike Härtge, Schulleiterin der Gundschule Goethe, Staßfurt, 2012

Very relevant to school practice; interesting material; good presentation; stimulating; good lesson ideas that can be immediately put into practice; well organised; this excellent style of teacher training is well received

Participants, collected by Ottersberg Regional In-service Training Centre, 2005

New approaches to Mathematics lessons; reconsider own lessons; repeat welcome

Participants, collected by Ottersberg Regional In-service Training Centre, 2006